Imagine your Optimism when you enter your first trade and the instrument rises in value in the first 15 minutes causing Excitement then further in time Thrill and Euphoria follow as the instrument has increased 7 to 8 percent in value. If you happen to exit here then your trade is a success.

If greed prevails and you continue to hold the position then you see the instrument reducing in value causing you a mild Anxiety but you reason that it just a slight loss in gain and you continue to hold the position.

In another 30 minutes it falls some more again, you have the same reason and Denial sets in. The next stage is Fear then Desperation followed by Panic as the instrument has reached your cost price.

The next 30 minutes lead to Capitulation and Despondence as you cover yor trade and take a loss.

If you have not exited the trade and the instrument shows signs of recovery by not falling further is a state of Depression and you continue to hold and the price recovers to give Hope and if it recovers further and again reaches your purchase price Relief sets in, further in time if the price increases then Optimism, Excitement and Thrill are the eventual outcome.

Wave Theory Components are Optimism, Excitement, Thrill, Euphoria, Anxiety, Denial, Fear, Desperation, Panic, Capitulation, Despondence, Depression, Hope, Relief, Optimisim, Excitement, Thrill.
Wave Theory of Sentiment
Wave Theory is the Rise and Fall of Sentiment.
Stock markets are lucrative by imagination but elusive due to our own actions.
Wave Theory in Intraday Trading and use of KP-Graphs
Buy Low Sell High
Sell High Buy Low
Rise and Fall of Sentiment
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KP-Graphs version updated on 03-12-2017 with addition of historical Nifty Bank.

Kindly use these intraday KP-Graphs after the trading begins and not use them to predict in advance for the next or future date as sentiment changes with time and your personal KP-Graph will influence your analysis while you are predicting.

Prediction is avoided and analysis is encouraged after market opens for trading.
Newly Added Intraday KP-Graphs of NIFTY IT, NIFTY FMCG, NIFTY PRIVATE BANK, NIFTY MIDCAP 100, NIFTY MIDCAP 50 and SNP 500  are available for reviewing. The key to successful analysis is observation of flow of L1 to L3. Observe if L1 to L3 are constant for the full day if yes  then check the previous day for the up-ward or down-ward flow of L1 to L3 and infer the primary bias, else follow the flow for the day based on L1 to L4 and L5 in L4.