Trading Example for Intraday :
Imagine that you  are going Long or Short on index futures based on our KP Graphs, obviously you can only do this only after learning to read them in depth.

The investment for Nifty index futures currently is Rs 50,000 plus for one contract of 75. If you are able to precisely select an entry or exit point and choose to exit after you gain 20 points within one L4 period this will give you gains of Rs 1500.00. Incidentally if there are 2 L4 levels in our KP Graphs then you could have 2 trades. We will ignore the other L4 level and consider that you have earned Rs 1500.00 in a day on an investment of Rs 50,000.00 plus, here we will ignore the brokerage and taxes for simplicity.

If you continue to trade for 22 more days then you will have made Rs 33,000.00 which is Rs 17000.00 less than your initial input. You should continue to do this for the next 5 months and evaluate the success rate of making money by reading our KP Graphs.

Let us not forget that so far we have calculated on the basis of only one trade of buy/sell or sell/buy. In all probability you would try and do more such trades in other L4 periods of the trading day. Let us also not forget that you could have made a mistake and lost some money. Trading discipline is a must else on a wrong day everything can go wrong.

Recap, To recap, first recover your initial input in a slow manner by trading in only one contract then continue this for 5 to 6 months.

What Next is the obvious question, If your inputs have multiplied 3 to 4 times then you can consider adding one more contract for which you should have already earned, continue 2 contracts for another 5 to 6 months. Once you have reached a point of carelessness stop and think again about your needs first, try to reach those milestones on a regular basis and always keep your greed on the back-burner where it rightfully should stay all the time.

Day trading can be a possible occupation after retirement as the market is 5 days a week with 2 holidays in a week to attend to your other needs. You need to ascertain your financial needs, first for cost of living then other obligations and creating a reserve fund for backup in case of emergency or if you wish to take a month long holiday. The other need could be for loan repayment or the EMI to be paid against capital intensive investment or need for a home.

Caution : Please stay away from Call and Put Options as they seem to be attractive due to less investment compared to index futures but only index futures can give you directly proportional returns. In case you happen to use them the time required to earn sufficient amounts will be long and you will need enough patience.

Who can use this service, Day Traders, Investors, Salaried Individuals, Professionals, Self Employed, House wives, Retired Individuals, Students and others. If you are above 18 years of age you can use this service for enhancing your income, provided you are able to trade during market hours without ignoring your main occupation.
Trading Example for Intraday
KP-Graphs version updated on 03-12-2017 with addition of historical Nifty Bank.

Kindly use these intraday KP-Graphs after the trading begins and not use them to predict in advance for the next or future date as sentiment changes with time and your personal KP-Graph will influence your analysis while you are predicting.

Prediction is avoided and analysis is encouraged after market opens for trading.
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The key to successful analysis is observation of flow of L1 to L3. Observe if L1 to L3 are constant for the full day if yes  then check the previous day for the up-ward or down-ward flow of L1 to L3 and infer the primary bias, else follow the flow for the day based on L1 to L4 and L5 in L4.