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Kindly download the historical KP-Graphs pdf files from the link given below.

Download historical KP-Graphs of NIFTY  from 2007 to 2019  and NIFTYBANK from 2012 to 2019.

The objective at the primary level is to allow self learning by going through the historical files. In case you need help or assistance then support will be provided as a paid service for understanding the historical KP-Graphs pdf files.

KP-Graphs training session will be after market hours  @Rs.20,000.00 for 10 days. Pay

All payments made are non-refundable.
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KP-Graphs Subscription Service
Sign-Up for the current Intraday KP-Graphs for all the  listed indices for a monthly subscription fee payable in advance, of Rs. 20,000.00.

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kpgraphs@upi towards Subscription fees

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All payments made are non-refundable.
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The use of KP-Graphs is to promote self reliance and earning through the stock market as Day Trading activity.
Earn Daily Monday to Friday from the stock market  using Call / Put Options. Try Before You Buy, Daily KP-Graphs of Indices for the first 30 minutes.
KP-Graphs version updated on 02-01-2021

Kindly use these intraday KP-Graphs after the trading begins and not use them to predict in advance for the next or future date as sentiment changes with time and your personal KP-Graph will influence your analysis while you are predicting.

Prediction is avoided and analysis is encouraged after market opens for trading.