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Select the desired date. click on the 24H button and then click on L5 check box to turn ON L5 level.
Clicking on TT button will select the graph for Trading Time duration. BT button is for Before Trading Time.
Moving average can be checked by replacing 1 at 0,0 with 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

Check-List For Sentiment Analysis, L1, L2 & L3 migration from previous day to current day is called Back-Flow. On Monday consider migration of L1 to L3 levels from Saturday to Monday. Check the Back-Flow of L4 in each L3 & of L5 in each L4. In L3 check whether each of its L4 level is supporting or opposing L3. Check for migration of L1 to L4 levels from high to low positive is downward bias, from low to high positive is upward, from more to less negative is upward, from less to more negative is downward, from negative to positive is upward, from positive to negative is downward, bias of any level is for duration of that Level. Market opening is given by L1 to L4 & primary bias is of Nifty, other Indices are sector specific.

Check the up or down flow of L1 to L3 levels or the backflow then observe the flow of L4 levels. Each L4 level has 9 of L5 levels. Flow of L6 levels in L5 have an impact. The flow of L4's in L3, L5 in L4 and L6 in L5 levels cause the Index to vary by moving around the level which is constant for trading time.
L4 is open-ended when L5 levels rise within L4 and L4 is close-ended when L5 levels fall from L4. L5 level can be open-ended or close-ended for L6 level. Open-ended is called a CUP pattern as it allows the contents to rise. Close-ended is called a CAP as the contents tend to fall. Check the backflow of L1 to L3 levels. Practice and Training will help.