KP-Graphs is Sentiment Analysis and is much more than Technical Analysis, giving you turning points for the day to improve your trading success.
The rise and fall of the Index is what KP Graphs allows you to Analyse and Predict. Major World Indices can be predicted by you. KP Graphs give you turning points for the day and improve your trading success. Other World Indices like NZ50, AORD, N225, TWII, SSEC, HSI, FTSE, GDAXI and DJI are available.
Intraday trading will become easier with the use of KP-Graphs, as the sentiment is graphically displayed for you to trade and earn. Sentiment Analysis helps your trading activities and improves your gains.

Trading Sentiment is based on Moon which influences the stock market through day traders and their day trading activities. Astrology and Stock market are related and KP Graphs is the outcome of the use of astrology.

Stock market index and Stock Market Analysis for intraday trading are displayed by KP Graphs which help the trader in market timing and turning points analysis to predict stock market and or predict the index.

Stock Market Predictions or stock markets forecast will now become easier and the day trader can easily navigate the Rise or fall of the Stock market or Stock market index and flow with the Market trend.

Capital market, Money market, Financial markets or Traders in finance can gain from intraday KP-Graphs even if fundamental analysis or Technical analysis may indicate long term trend but what will happen on any specific day can only be shown by KP-Graphs.

Individual day traders engaged in day trading, scalping or swing trading can have an edge over corporate or institutional investors / traders who have access to large funds and who have heavily invested in algorithmic trading or have managed co-location of their servers in the stock exchanges cannot influence your gains as KP-Graphs can give you turning points. Individual traders will now have an edge due to KP-Graphs as a visual algorithm.

Futures Trading, Options trading, index futures, Index Options, Index Call Option, Index Put Option can be happily explored using KP-Graphs at
KP-Graphs version updated on 02-01-2022

Kindly use these intraday KP-Graphs after the trading begins and not use them to predict in advance for the next or future date as sentiment changes with time and your personal KP-Graph will influence your analysis while you are predicting.

Prediction is avoided and analysis is encouraged after market opens for trading.
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